I am an author and have written about the innovation economy, i.e., what works, what doesn’t for decades. Below is a sample of some of that work:

  • Ignite Health (&Sustain) Transformation – a video e-Book featuring case studies in success (coming soon)  doug-2
  • Innovation Cure for mHealth Barriers, a chapter in “mHealth Innovation book published by HIMSS in 2014
  • Digital Engagement – Improve Quality through Mobile, Social, Culture, Gamification, Big Data & Behavioral Economics
  • Medical Informatics 20/20 Quality & EHRs through Collaboration, Open Solutions & Innovation
  • Health eGames – How Video Games, Social Media, Mobile & Virtual Worlds for Better Health 
  • e-Healthcare: Harness the Power of the Internet e-Commerce & e-Care
  • Best of the Net – Online Guide to Consumer Health and Wellness 
  • Best of the Net – Online Guide to Healthcare Management and Medicinedoug-3
  • Building and Managing Effective Physicians Organizations Under Capitation 
  • Alliances: Strategies for Building Integrated Delivery Systems 
  • Medical Staff Alliances: How to Build Successful Partnerships with Doctors